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A Day in the Life of a Computer Programmer

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

As a computer programmer, my daily life is actually kind of weird.

I did my undergrad in computer science and worked with Microsoft for 4 years. I'm self taught and have spent a far greater amount of hours learning how to code. I work on US based client projects.

Due to different time zone, my hours are not fully standard. Usually I try to work 7–9 hours a day, however sometimes it can be as much as 10–12 hours.

Here is my routine that I follow roughly everyday,

  • 4:50 am : Alarm beeps, Snooze 1 ..

  • 5:05 am : Snooze 2 ..

  • 5:20 am : Snooze 3 ..

  • 5:35 am : Snooze n, Rolling in bed ..

  • 6:00 am : Semi awake

  • 6:10 am : Check Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Robinhood, 9gag

  • 6:15 am : Wake-up, Workout (pushups, gym, meditation, yoga, I am lying)

  • 6:30 am : Shower, Dress up

  • 7:30 am : Leave for work, Mustang, Daily traffic, Pandora (free subscription)

  • 8:15 am : Arrive at work, Parking, Swipe access card at the entrance

  • 8:20 am : Checking email, Service Now

How will I survive for next 8 hours?

  • 8:30 am : Offshore-onshore call, Status updates, Discuss target for the day

  • 9:00 am : Breakfast (uncertain)

  • 9:20 am : Code, debug, code, code, debug

Code, debug, code, debug

  • 10:00 am : Error, error, error, error

  • 11:00 am : Coffee, "Smoking kills"

  • 11:30 am : Code, code, debug, code

Those never ending arguments with testers

  • 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm : Global variable "Lunch"

  • 2:00 pm : Code, debug, code, debug

  • 3:00 pm : Code, code, code, code

Code, debug, code, error, debug, code, error

  • 3:30 pm : Check on the entire team

  • 4:30 pm : Wrap up, Leave for home, Drive, Traffic, Pandora

  • 5:15 pm : Arrive home, Change dress, Chillax

  • 5:45 pm : Jog for 4-5 miles, Shower

  • 6:30 pm : Facebook, Youtube, News, Blogs

  • 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm : Dinner, Eat 24, Cooking (rare element)

  • 9:30 pm : Offshore-onshore call (sometimes free), Otherwise Netflix

  • 10:00 pm : Netflix, Youtube, Chit-chat with girlfriend

  • 10:30 pm - 11:00 pm : Shut down, Sleep

  • 4:50 am : Alarm beeps, Snooze 1, 2, 3, n ..

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