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Adsense Alternatives for Small Websites

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Did your Google Adsense application got rejected?

If the answer is yes, you are at right place.

Well it's not the end of world and no doubt, there are several other alternatives for Google Adsense for small websites (hosted on WIX, Wordpress, Blogger etc). But the biggest question is - Which one should you vouch for?

This is my weekly report of Adsense account (for one month old website) other than


Still thinking.. Why your Google Adsense account got rejected?

Simple it's because of poor content on website, probably low traffic, site un-availability during verification, some policy violation etc. It could be due to one or more following reasons.

  • Not Enough Content

  • Website Design & Navigation

  • Missing About Us or Contact Page

  • Low Traffic

  • New Website

  • Poor Quality Content

  • Language Restriction

  • Number of Posts

  • Number of Words per Post

  • Using Free Domain

There could be X number of factors and even after spending several hours on research - you will never get the answer. So don't get upset, as I said it's not the end of world, there are several other alternatives to Google Adsense.

However, there is no doubt that Google Adsense provides you the easiest and best monetization methods to get steady income from your blogs. So if you have Google Adsense account, utilize it wisely.


My rejection reason (but finally got approved) - Thought this might help others.

I was providing wrong URL. Yeah I know it's funny and.. a silly mistake.

Make sure you are providing the correct website name while submitting Google Adsense request form. My initial two request got denied because I entered wrong website url. First time I entered: and second time I entered

Correct name was, yeah I understand it's silly mistake but this is what it is. You need to mention url correctly otherwise Google crawlers will never read your website.

and the proud moment,

Another reason which is very common but never mentioned is - Google Adsense bots. Yes thats true, Adsense does not look into each request and website content manually. Their advance bots perform the hard task.

The problem is the content which is usually generated via a JavaScript/AJAX type of content retrieval, so, since most crawlers, including AdSense, does not execute JavaScript, the crawler never sees your website content, and therefore see's your site as having no content. You will often face this issue with websites like WIX.

Well whatever is the reason I would suggest instead of wasting time and money on your existing traffic, you can move forward with other alternatives which has very easy approval process and it will generate similar amount of revenue.


Google Adsense approval time?

Usually it's within 48 hours but sometimes longer depending upon your quality of website. If you don't get approval in first couple of requests, trust me you are stuck in infinite loop of wait time. I was little lucky in this case, it took 24 hours for me to get the final approval after couple of issues.

Maximum number of Adsense units you can place on each page?

No restriction, before it was just 3.

How to integrate Ads with your website?

Just add html code provided by these systems to your html widget anywhere on the page wherever you want to show the Ads.


Google Adsense Alternatives

I am not going to list down top 5, 10 or top 20 and confuse you more. Instead I am recommending just 3 based on my personal experience, ease of approval and revenue, which helped me to grow my business. I have used them and I am still using them (apart from Google Adsense) for my other websites.

So, lets meet our top 3 alternatives to Google Adsense

Before these 3 alternatives I would suggest you to try Amazon Affiliates program if you don't have much traffic. However, Amazon does not pay you for clicks or impression, it does only when a sale happens.

1. Media.Net (BEST alternative after Adsense)

  • Approval time - few hours

  • No limitation on number of Ads units per page

  • No hidden fees

  • It's also known as Yahoo/Bing advertising and it provides you contextual ads. It's holding rank 2 in contextual Ads.

  • No minimum traffic requirement

  • Unlike Adsense where you have option to choose image ads, here you have just textual ads

  • There is no limitation on number of Ads unit like Adsense

  • Supports mobile Ads

  • Further you can change the size, color and shapes of Ad unit according to your convenience

  • Monthly payment via Paypal ($100 minimum)


2. Infolinks (It's good.. )

  • Approval time - few hours

  • It's very simple to integrate with your website

  • It's open to any publisher - small, medium or large scale

  • No fees

  • No minimum requirements for traffic and page views or visitors and no hidden commitments

  • Best part is Infolinks doesn't require space on your blog, they simply convert keywords into advertisement links

  • So when users hover their mouse on specific keywords it automatically shows advertisements

  • It provides in-text advertising and pays you per clicks on ads & not per impression


3. Chitika (It's okay)

  • Approval time - few minutes

  • Language restriction - English only

  • No minimum traffic requirement

  • No limitation on number of Ads per page

  • Payment via Paypal ($10 minimum) or by check ($50 minimum)

  • It target Ads are based on visitors location, so if your posts are location specific this is recommended for you

  • Limitations on custom size of the Ads

  • Similar to Adsense

  • Image quality - medium


If you have Google Adsense account, use it wisely. If not, move ahead with I would suggest just use and don't over-crowd your good looking website with tons of various types of Ads.

Thank you. If you have any question for me please comment below.

Good luck!


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