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How to write your first blog at Data Nebulae?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Guest blogging at Data Nebulae is very simple. Sign up > become a writer and start writing blogs. Please read these instructions carefully before you start.

Section 1. Sign Up, Profile Setup & Getting Writers Privilege

Section 1.1 Sign Up

Sign up using the Log In link (at top right corner of your screen).

Section 1.2 Setup Profile

How to setup your profile? Just keep it simple, write about your personal experience and area of interest. What is your objective? Provide a nice profile picture so that your account look real. This will speed up your account approval for writers privilege.

Note: Do not provide links to external websites in profile description. Sample profile is shown below.

Section 1.3 Email for Writers Privilege

This step is  needed for member's personal interest. Just say "Hello" & mention your area of interest. You can also showcase your previous writers activity. Just provide links to your old posts (like on Quora, Medium or similar websites) in the email. This will help us to approve your account ASAP.

To email: Click here

Section 2. Blogging Guidelines

Before you write any blog, please read these guidelines carefully. These rules are meant to keep quality blogging at Data Nebulae.

Section 2.1 Blog Uniqueness

  • Blog should be unique. We don't accept syndicated/unoriginal posts, copying others content/articles is strictly prohibited.

  • However, you can mention reference/citing sources at the end of blog (if any).

  • Any violation to this rule will result into direct loss of membership.

Section 2.2 Post Length

  • Blog should have minimum 3000 characters. You will find total number of characters on the top left corner while drafting blogs.

  • Blog should be in-depth content, crisp and clear.

  • If blog doesn't meet this criteria, it will be automatically sent back to draft status.

Section 2.3 Image Requirement

  • You can insert images (should not be a copyright image) with good quality.

  • Or, you can leave it to us. One of our moderators will handle it.

Section 2.4 Backlinks

Backlinks are allowed (maximum 5 & sometimes more) as far as intention is clear. Make sure you are not linking any blacklisted websites.

Section 2.5 Style

Before you start please refer this post for your reference. See how paragraph is written, header size, bullet points, image alignment, divider line, hashtags etc are used.

Section 2.6 Miscellaneous

  • Moderators has access to modify any post to include keywords, images etc so that your blog can get higher Google ranking. This will help your blog to get more views.

  • You can delete your post anytime, but Data Nebulae has full rights to publish that content again.

Section 3. Wait! There is a Better Way to Publish Your Blog

We understand you are a beginner and you don't want to publish your blog without review.

Section 3.1 Don't worry just draft the blog and save it. Email us when your blog is ready to publish and one of our moderators will review/publish it for you.

Section 3.2 If you are just a member and don't want to become a writer. You can also write in a simple word document and email us for submission. This might take some time to publish because of formatting requirements.

Section 4. Create Post > Publish Yourself or Email Us to Publish

  • You can create blog from your profile - go to blog posts > Create a Post.

  • Or, Simply go to blogs > Create a Post.

What's next?

Share your blog post on Facebook, Twitter etc to get more views, earn badges and invite others. Sharing blogs on social media is the easiest and fastest way to earn views.

Note: We value your words, please don't hurt others feelings while commenting on blog posts and maintain quality environment at Data Nebulae.
Good Luck. Happy Blogging!


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