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Sample USCIS Withdraw Application Letter, Explained

Updated: Jun 4

uscis withdraw application letter

Knowing how to withdraw or cancel a USCIS pending application, such as a change of status, that is still being reviewed becomes important when things in your life change, such as finding a new job or encountering unexpected events.

If your application is still under process and hasn't been approved or denied by USCIS, you can cancel or withdraw it by writing a formal letter to USCIS. There is no specific USCIS form for requesting withdrawal.

The first thing to do when withdrawing your USCIS application is to write a formal letter to USCIS. The withdrawal letter should have your pending case receipt number, full name, date of birth, I-94 details, current address, and a clear reason to withdraw your application. Remember to sign the letter in original, and it's a good idea to keep a copy before sending it to USCIS.

Table of Contents: USCIS Withdraw Application Letter

Example USCIS Withdraw Application Letter


[Texas Service Center]

Subject: Request for Withdrawal of [I-539 Application] - [Your Full Name], [Case Number]

I am writing to formally request the withdrawal of my pending immigration application with USCIS. I appreciate the attention and consideration given to my case so far.

Reason: [Briefly explain the reason for withdrawal, such as a change in personal circumstances, job opportunity, etc. for example, My H1B transfer has been approved so I do not need a change of status.]

Here are the details related to my pending application:

  • Receipt Number: [Your Pending USCIS Case Number]

  • Receipt Date: [MM/DD/YYYY as Your Receipt Notice]

  • Passport Number: [Enter Your Passport Number]

  • Full Name: [Enter Your Name]

  • Date of Birth: [Your Date of Birth]

  • I-94 Number: [Enter Your Latest I-94 Number]

  • Current Immigration Status: [e.g., H1B, F1, etc.]

  • Contact Details: [Email, and Phone Number]

  • Current Address: [Your Current Address]

  • Beneficiary's Name (if applicable): [Full Name of any Dependents Included]

I have signed this letter in the original, as I understand that an original signature is required for this withdrawal request. I appreciate your understanding and assistance in this matter. If there are any specific forms or procedures required for this withdrawal, please let me know.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to receiving confirmation of the withdrawal.


[Your Full Name (Original Signature)]

[Typed Full Name]

How to Write a USCIS Withdrawal Application Letter

If you want to write the USCIS withdrawal application letter yourself, you should include the following details for a smooth application withdrawal process:

  • Personal Details: Include your full name, date of birth, passport number, and I-94 number.

  • Pending Application Details: Provide your pending case number (USCIS receipt number), current immigration status (e.g., H1B, F1, etc.), the purpose of the application, and beneficiary's name (dependents name if applicable).

  • Contact Information: Share your email address, phone number, and current residential address.

  • Reason for Withdrawal: Clearly state the reason for withdrawing the application, such as a change in personal circumstances or a new job opportunity.

  • Request for Withdrawal: Explicitly express your request to withdraw the application.

  • Sign and Date: Remember to sign and date the letter (in original).

  • Keep a Copy: Maintain a duplicate of the withdrawal letter for your records and documentation.

  • Sending Method: Send the withdrawal letter preferably via USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Where to Send Withdrawal Letter to USCIS

Please forward your withdrawal letter to the same USCIS service center where you initially submitted your application. You can find the address listed on the USCIS website for the most current information. For example,

Step-by-Step Guide to USCIS Application Withdrawal

  • Identify USCIS Center: Determine the specific USCIS service center or NVC where you submitted your original application.

  • Draft Withdrawal Letter: Write a formal withdrawal letter stating your intention, including your details and the reason. Refer to the template provided earlier.

  • Sign and Make a Copy: Sign the letter and keep a copy for your records.

  • Mail Certified with Tracking: Send the letter and documents via certified mail with tracking to the USCIS center. It's good to include your USCIS case status number on the outside of the envelope.

  • Monitor Online Case Status: Regularly check the USCIS case status portal for updates.

  • Follow Up If Needed: Contact USCIS if confirmation is not received within a reasonable timeframe. The toll-free number is 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833, VRS 877-709-5797). Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm Eastern.

USCIS Withdraw Application Online

There is no online method to cancel or withdraw your USCIS application. You must write a formal letter to USCIS to withdraw your case and send it to the same mailing address where you submitted your initial application.

Withdrawal Letter USCIS Processing Time

The processing time for a USCIS withdrawal letter is not explicitly specified by USCIS because the withdrawal process itself doesn't involve a standard processing time, unlike other applications or petitions.

However, in general, USCIS typically takes processing time between 1 to 3 months. It's recommended to regularly check the case status online and contact the USCIS service center for follow-up after 30 days of applying.

FAQs on USCIS Withdraw Application Letter

Can I withdraw the pending change of status application?

Yes, you can withdraw the pending change of status application by writing a formal letter to USCIS. Make sure you maintain a valid status in the US after your application is canceled or withdrawn.

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