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B1/B2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers for Parents Visiting the U.S.

In this blog, I'll go over typical B1/B2 visa interview questions and provide easy-to-understand answers to help Indian parents have a better chance of getting their B1/B2 tourist visa approved. It's important to answer B1/B2 visa interview questions honestly, I repeat, HONESTLY, for a successful B1/B2 visa approval. If you're unsure, it's okay to admit you don't know, but honesty is key—avoid LYING.

Table of Contents: B1/B2 Visa Interview Questions for Parents

B1/B2 Visa Interview Questions for Parents will Cover

  • Purpose of Visit: The interviewer will ask about your purpose for the trip, you can tell reasons such as tourism, visiting friends or family, or medical treatment.

  • Length of Stay and Accommodation: Your intended length of stay and your accommodation arrangements in the US where you will live.

  • Financial Situation: Questions about your financial stability to cover expenses during your visit.

  • About your [son/daughter]: Questions about your children, including their job, visa, education, contact details, address, salary, etc.

  • About you: The officer may ask about your job, salary, property, relatives, children, bank account, credit card, health insurance, criminal history, and overall financial situation.

  • Ties to Home Country: Questions to understand your strong connections to your home country and reasons to return after visiting the US.

  • Medical Insurance: You don't need medical insurance to visit the US, but I would recommend buying health insurance. Medical expenses in the US are very high, and if something happens, you could end up with a bill that will haunt you for years.

B1 and B2 Visa Interview Questions for Parents

The B1/B2 visa interview questions and answers given here might be different for each parent based on their situation, but these would give them a general understanding.

b1 b2 visa interview questions for parents


Question: Why are you going to the US?

Answer: I'm going to see my [son/daughter] and tour the US.

Question: Why choose to visit the US instead of other places like Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Answer: There are many more beautiful places to explore in the US.

Question: What places do you want to visit in the US?

Answer: Answer honestly. Places like New York City, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, etc. are among the most popular tourist attractions in the US.

Question: Which states would you be visiting?

Answer: I will be visiting _____.

Question: What are your plans during your stay in the US?

Answer: I plan to spend quality time with my [son/daughter] during my stay, and explore the country whenever we have the opportunity.

Question: Who will cover your medical expenses?

Answer: My [son/daughter]. Or, if you have bought insurance, show a copy of the health insurance receipt.

Question: Will you work in the US?

Answer: No. [remember that you are NOT allowed to work on a tourist visa].

Question: Have you visited the US before?

Answer: Yes/No. If yes, the officer might ask you for details about the previous visit.

Question: Why have you chosen to travel during this time?

Answer: There could be several different reasons, here are a few examples:

  1. I got the time off from work during this time.

  2. Our [son/daughter] has arranged for leave during this period.

  3. The weather is good at this time and it will be good for our tour.

  4. I wanted to attend an event during this time, etc.

Question: Why haven't you visited them before?

Answer: There could be several different reasons, here are a few examples:

  1. I had very limited time due to work; now that I am retired, we plan to visit them and tour the US.

  2. My [son/daughter] needed time to settle down in the US, and now we believe it's the right time to visit.

Note: Please don't say it's because they weren't coming to India; we decided to visit them.


Question: When do you plan to visit the US, where will you stay, and how long do you intend to stay?

Answer: I am planning to visit in [month] and I will stay with my [son/daughter] for ______ months.

Question: Why do you wish to stay for so long (6+ months)?

Answer: I wish to stay for an extended period to maximize my time with my [son/daughter] and involve myself in the U.S. culture. However, if the visa is granted for a shorter period, I am open to adjusting my plans and shortening the trip accordingly.

Question: Can you stay for a shorter period?

Answer: Yes, I am open to staying for a shorter period.

Question: How much do you think it will cost you to stay in the USA?

Answer: I think It would cost between $100 to $300 per day. My [son/daughter] will make the arrangements.

Question: Who is paying/sponsoring for your US trip?

Answer: My son/daughter is taking care of all the expenses. Only if asked, show a copy of their latest bank statement for proof of funds.

Question: Have you been to any other country before?

Answer: No or Yes, I have been to [name of the country/countries] before. If you have visited other countries, the officer might ask you about when, why, and how long you stayed in that country.

Question: How many bank accounts/ credit cards do you have?

Answer: Answer honestly.

Question: Have you booked your tickets yet?

Answer: My son/daughter will book the ticket after visa approval.

Question: Do you have any medical condition?

Answer: Answer honestly if you have any medical condition.

Question: Do you have medical insurance?

Answer: No, but my son/daughter will purchase medical insurance before the visit.

Question: What is your intended date of departure from the USA?

Answer: I will be departing in the month of _____.


Question: Where does your [son/daughter] live in the US? Do you have their contact?

Answer: He/she lives in [state/city]. Their contact number is [+1 123456789]. If asked, be ready to provide their complete address.

Question: What visa does your [son/daughter] have?

Answer: He/she has a [Green Card/ H1B visa etc.].

Question: Which visa did your [son/daughter] use for their initial entry into the US?

Answer: Answer honestly.

Question: What does your child do in the US?

Answer: He/she working as a _____ at _____ Company for _____ years.

Question: Did your [son/daughter] study in the US?

Answer: If yes, the officer might inquire about their degree, university, and graduation year.

Question: How much do they earn?

Answer: They make $_____ per year. Only if asked, show a copy of their last 3 months of salary slip.

Question: How long has your [son/daughter] been in the US?

Answer: He has been in the US for _____ years.

Question: Is your [son/daughter] married, if yes when did they marry? Do they have kids?

Answer: Answer honestly.

Question: When was the last time your son/daughter visited India?

Answer: Answer honestly.

Question: What is your [son/daughter]'s date of birth?

Answer: Answer honestly.


Question: Have you ever been denied a visa for any country, including the USA?

Answer: Yes or no. Be prepared to provide details if the officer asks.

Question: What kind of education do you have?

Answer: Answer honestly. I did _____ in year _____ from _____ university.

Question: What is your occupation or what do you do for a living?

Answer: I am _____. Tip: Be straightforward and accurately describe your occupation.

Question: What is your monthly income?

Answer: [If you are working] My income is Rs._____ per month.

Question: Do you pay income tax in India, if yes how much?

Answer: Answer honestly.

Question: How much pension you get?

Answer: [If you are retired] Answer honestly.

Question: How many children do you have, and where are they currently located? Can you share information about their occupations, and are any of them married?

Answer: Answer honestly.

Question: Where do you live?

Answer: Tell your current address that you filled in the DS-160 application.

Question: Do you have any family members or friends living in the USA?

Answer: Yes/ No. The officer might ask further where they live [state/city], details about their immigration status, work status, and their relationship to you.

Question: Why are you traveling alone?

Answer: Answer honestly, there could be various reasons such as:

  • I am single/ widow/ widower.

  • My partner did not get time off from work.

  • My partner has plans to visit later in the month of _____


Question: Do you have any property in India or any other asset?

Answer: Answer honestly.

Question: Who will look after your property in India while you're away?

Answer: I've made arrangements with my relatives and renters to take care of the property during my absence.

Question: What is the assurance that you will come back?

Answer: I have a job, family, and property here in India, so I will return.

Question: Do you have relatives in India?

Answer: Yes, I have relatives in India. [Briefly mention who your relatives are].

FAQs on B1/B2 Visa Interview Questions for Parents

Can my parents interview in Hindi?

Yes, you have the option to interview in Hindi.

How to select a language for a US visa Interview?

You need to indicate your preferred interview language as Hindi when scheduling the visa interview.

Can I change the visa interview language after payment?

During your interview day, you can express your language preference at the intake window. If possible, an interpreter will then support you during your discussion with the officer.

Can they interview together?

Yes, generally they are allowed to interview together. However, the officer might ask questions to both of the parents.

How to get a translator for the US visa interview in India?

On the day of the interview, request a translator at the intake window if no language appointments are available.

How to prepare parents for B1/B2 visa interview?

  • At least go through the interview question examples mentioned above once.

  • Whenever you talk to your children over the phone (who are in the US) before your visit, frequently discuss about their job history, current and past visa statuses, and where they live. This will help you prepare for the interview.

  • It's better if children brief their parents before their B1/B2 visa interview. It's good to brief them over some time rather than giving them a lot of information in one day. They are older and may need more time to digest the facts.

  • Be confident when attending the interview. Make eye contact, dress up properly, smile, and greet.

  • Listen to the questions carefully. If you can't understand, there is no harm in requesting the interviewer to repeat the question.

  • Arrive at the visa interview center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time so that you don't need to rush.

  • If your parents are traveling a long distance for their visa interview, it's a good idea to book a hotel near the visa interview center.

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