What programming language is famous amongst Russians?

According to Google Trends it seems like Javascript. However, I didn’t except Python as least popular language amongst Russians.

First of all, it’s little difficult to cover all the programming languages used by Russians (or used in Russia). But we can find what are the most popular programming languages in Russia and then drill down geographically.

Javascript, Java, Python, PHP and C++ are the most popular languages according to Google Trends.

I didn’t include Swift, Ruby, Rust, Scala, PERL etc because they are comparatively less popular to show on charts.

Geographically, it looks like Javascript is most popular programming language across Russia.

Did you notice the blue color in above chart?

I didn’t expect this for Python. Interesting.

Drilling down just for Javascript

“Saint Petersburg” is the most popular location with Javascript in Russia. I haven’t heard this place before, sorry my geography is not very good.

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