Blow | Ed Sheeran | Bruno Mars | Chris Stapleton | Drums Sheet Music

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

If you've just started to play drums and you’re looking for easy drum cover for beginners keep reading these blog, here I will list my favorite simple covers for newbies in drumming.

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Beats Breakdown

In this section, I will go over all the different beats and fills used in the song, So, lets start with the first groove which is the core of this song:

Beat 1

Its a basic rock groove with open hi-hat being played as quarter notes and snare on 3rd count of it. Bass drum is being played on 1 and "and" of 2. The song utilizes different variations of this beat as the song progresses.

Beat 1 Variation 1

This variation just adds a snare at the "4" along with an open hi-hat.

Beat 1 Variation 2

The second variation add a bit of ghost notes on snares. Ghost notes have been added on the "and" of 1 and "and" of 4. You can play ruffs or ghosted eighth notes on snare drum depending on your preference.

Beat 2

Second beat is again one of the most popular rock beats. The beat employs open hi-hat on quarter notes combined with snare on beat 1 and 3. Bass drum is played on beat 2 and 4.

Beat 2 Variation 1

Here the hi-hat has been replaced with crash on 1 and 3.

Beat 3