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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

If you've just started to play drums and you’re looking for easy drum cover for beginners keep reading these blog, here I will list my favorite simple covers for newbies in drumming.

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Beats Breakdown

In this section, I will go over all the different beats and fills used in the song, So, lets start with the first groove which is the core of this song:

Beat 1

Its a basic rock groove with open hi-hat being played as quarter notes and snare on 3rd count of it. Bass drum is being played on 1 and "and" of 2. The song utilizes different variations of this beat as the song progresses.

Beat 1 Variation 1

This variation just adds a snare at the "4" along with an open hi-hat.

Beat 1 Variation 2

The second variation add a bit of ghost notes on snares. Ghost notes have been added on the "and" of 1 and "and" of 4. You can play ruffs or ghosted eighth notes on snare drum depending on your preference.

Beat 2

Second beat is again one of the most popular rock beats. The beat employs open hi-hat on quarter notes combined with snare on beat 1 and 3. Bass drum is played on beat 2 and 4.

Beat 2 Variation 1

Here the hi-hat has been replaced with crash on 1 and 3.

Beat 3

This beat has been played at the end of the song. This utilizes half-notes, with bass drum played with open hi-hat on beat 1 and snare played with open hi-hat on beat 2.

Rolls Breakdown

Now lets go through all the different rolls used in the song:

Roll 1

This is the most frequently used roll in the song. The roll starts at the "and" of 4 of the beat with a ghost note on the snare. The roll is played in the form eighth notes following snare-tom-tom pattern. The image on the left shows the roll as it looks while being played with the beat.

Roll 2

This role has been played on the snare drum with 16th notes played on "and" of 1 till 2, ending up with a series of eighth notes on snare.

Roll 3

This one is starts at the 4 of previous beat and played totally in eighth notes. It is played in terms of triplets i.e. bass-snare-snare with an open hi-hat played with the bass drum.

Roll 4

This one is just a combination of "Roll 1" and "Roll 2" as described above played in the sequence "Roll 2" followed by "Roll 1". The only difference is that the last three eighth notes of the "Roll 2" has been played on toms.

Roll 5

This is the toughest roll in the song, played at the end of the guitar solo. In terms of sticking it is just eighth note triplets being played. The speed at which it has been played is what makes it tough.

Roll 6

The song ends with this. This one is nothing but the "roll 1" being played four times as the tempo of the song drops.

Full sheet music

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