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Evanescence | Bring me to Life | Drum Sheet Music

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Easy Drum Covers for Beginners | Evanescence bring me to life drum sheet music

If you've just started to play drums and you’re looking for easy drum cover for beginners keep reading these blog, here I will list my favorite simple covers for newbies in drumming.

Evanescence Bring me to Life Drum Cover

The song starts with a simple 4/4 groove spanning 2 bars with eighth notes on the hi-hat and snare hit on 2 and 4 and ghost notes on snare on “a” of 2 and “e” of 3. It ends with an open hi-hat at the “and” of 4 in the second bar. Here is how the groove looks like.


This brings us to the first verse of the song. The groove here looks like this:

You can play the eight notes mentioned either on a ride cymbal or a crash cymbal. In the actual song it has been played on a ride cymbal. This same grouping has been played twice in the verse. Which brings to us to the next part:

This is again a two-bar groove with eighth notes being played on an open hi-hat and snare drum on 2 and 4 of each bar. The difficult part here is to get the bass drum right. I would recommend practicing it slowly first at a very slow tempo first and then gradually try to reach tempo of the song. There are two bars of this after which we get back to the groove played in the first verse of the song i.e.

The next part uses a combination of two grooves. First one is a one bar groove which looks like this:

The second one is a two-bar groove, the first bar looks like this:

And the second bar looks like this:

This same groove gets repeated in the next measure with a small difference in the second bar of the second group.

The next measure uses yet another groove which looks like following:

The next part of the song uses variations of the groove played after first verse and it looks like this:

Next part uses the same groove as the first verse, here is how it looks like:

The song ends with the following groove:


I have posted a video of myself playing this song on my YouTube channel. Do subscribe to the channel as well as this blog for more drum tutorials.


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