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Sample Consent Letter for OCI Application for Minors Born in the USA

Updated: Apr 2

Many individuals have requested the VFS sample parents' consent letter for OCI applications, whether for minors or adults. If you missed my earlier blog, follow this link to view the complete OCI application process.

Note: You can download the consent letter directly from the VFS global website.

Consent Letter for OCI

Regarding my OCI application file reference number …………………………,

1. I authorize the Indian Embassy/Consulate to make necessary corrections on observing errors in the OCI application.

2. I am aware that my consent is not an absolute binding on the Indian Embassy/Consulate in the light of the following:

(i) The consent letter is just for the sake of facilitating an OCI applicant to avoid delay in processing the OCI application and it is not an assurance to edit the OCI application completely.

(ii) All personal details are printed on the OCI card based on the information submitted in the online OCI application and hence, the responsibility lies primarily with me to fill in the correct details in the OCI application.

(iii) The OCI application with errors is liable to be rejected in some cases and may be returned to me for submitting a fresh OCI application with the correct details.

(iv) Any errors observed subsequently in the OCI card may be corrected only by submitting an OCI miscellaneous service application for the re-issue of the OCI card.

(Signature of the OCI applicant)



* Parent / legal guardian may sign the consent letter on behalf of the minor applicant.

Table of Contents: Consent Letter for OCI Application Minor

Consent Letter for OCI Application for Minors



The Consular Officer,

Consulate General of India, _________

Subject: Consent to restore Details, Application ID: ___________

Dear Madam/Sir,

I, _____ mother of _____, hereby provide my consent to the Indian Consulate/Embassy to be authorized to make any edits and correct the mistakes made in the OCI Government form on behalf of my minor child.

The application reference number is __________


Mother’s Name:

Mother’s Signature:

Father’s Name:

Father’s Signature:

I used the above consent letter (in Oct 2022) for the OCI application for the minor born in the USA and got the approval. This consent letter would remain the same for adults as well. I know many of my friends who received their OCI cards successfully using the above format as well.

Additionally, I am sharing a few more samples that you can refer to.

Parents' Consent Letter for OCI Application


The Consular Officer,

Consulate General of India, _________

Subject: Consent to restore Details, Application ID: ___________

Dear Sir/Madam,

We, <parent's name>, hereby authorize the Indian Consulate/Embassy to make any necessary edits and corrections to the OCI Government form submitted on behalf of my minor child, <child's name>. I understand that this authorization allows the Indian Consulate/Embassy to correct any errors or mistakes that may have been made in the form.

I certify that all the information provided in the form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. However, if any errors or mistakes are found in the form, I grant permission to the Indian Consulate/Embassy to make changes on behalf of my child.

We appreciate your consideration of our application and thank you for your attention to this matter.


<Parents' names>

<Parents' Signature>


Consent Letter for OCI Application USA

The Consular Officer,

Consulate General of India, _________


Subject: Consent to restore Details, Application ID: ___________

I, <your name>, with this, provide my consent to restore my child’s details that were provided in the OCI application form to the Indian Consulate/Embassy. I understand that this request is being made to correct any errors or omissions in the OCI application form that may have occurred during the submission.

I confirm that I will provide any additional information or documents that may be required by the Indian consulate/embassy to process the application.

Thank you for your time and Consideration!



Signature: Date:

Consent Letter for OCI Application (PDF Version)

You can also view the PDF version of the consent letter below. Remember that this letter needs to be signed by parents, notarization is not required.

Consent letter
Download PDF • 67KB

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Thanks Hina ! Please let me know if this document was sent to the Indian Consulate as a Document Upload through a link that VFS provided or a physically signed document couriered to the Indian Consulate through VFS System

Replying to

Hi, when I applied for OCI, there was no need to upload the consent letter; I simply mailed it along with the other documents. When prompted by the system to upload documents, check if it specifically requests a consent letter. If not, you should be good. Although my application is a couple of years old, the documents we uploaded can be found at the bottom of your OCI application PDF under 'Uploaded Documents Details.' Thanks.


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