Apache Spark Tutorial Scala: A Beginners Guide to Apache Spark Programming

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Learn Apache Spark: Tutorial for Beginners - This Apache Spark tutorial documentation will introduce you to Apache Spark programming in Scala. You will learn about Scala programming, dataframe, RDD, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming with examples and finally prepare yourself for Spark interview questions and answers.

What is Apache Spark?

  • Apache Spark is an analytics engine for big data processing.

  • It runs 100 times faster than Hadoop and gives you full freedom to process large scale data in real-time, run analytics and apply machine learning algorithms.

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1. Apache Spark and Scala Installation

1.1 Spark installation on Windows​

1.2 Spark installation on Mac

2. Getting Familiar with Scala IDE

2.1 Hello World with Scala IDE​

3. Spark data structure basics

3.1 Spark RDD Transformations and Actions example

4. Spark Shell

4.1 Starting Spark shell with SparkContext example​

5. Reading data files in Spark

5.1 SparkContext Parallelize and read textFile method

5.2 Loading JSON file using Spark Scala

5.3 Loading TEXT file using Spark Scala

5.4 How to convert RDD to dataframe?

6. Writing data files in Spark

​6.1 How to write single CSV file in Spark

7. Spark streaming

7.1 Word count example Scala

7.2 Analyzing Twitter texts

8. Sample Big Data Architecture with Apache Spark

9. What's Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Science?

10. Spark Interview Questions and Answers

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