"Hello World" with Scala IDE

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

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In this Apache Spark Scala tutorial you will learn how to create,

  • "Hello World" Scala application with Eclipse Scala IDE.

  • Scala application, project, package, objects, run configuration and debug the application.

Motive is to get you guys familiar with Scala IDE.


I assume that you have already installed Eclipse Scala IDE, if not please refer my previous post for installation (Windows | Mac users).

Now, open Eclipse Scala IDE.

1. Create a new Scala project "hellooWorld"

  • Go to File → New → Project and enter hellooWorld in project name field and click finish.


2. Create a new Scala Package "hellooWorld"

  • Right click on the hellooWorld project in the Package Explorer panel → NewPackage and enter name hellooWorld and finish.


3. Create a Scala object "hello":

  • Expand the hellooWorld project tree and right click on the hellooWorld package → NewScala Object → enter hello in the Object name field and press finish.


4. Write the program to print Hello World message.

package hellooWorld

object hello {

def main (args: Array[String]) {

println("Hello World")




5. Create a Run configuration for the Scala application:

  • Right click on hello.scala in package explorer → Run AsScala Application. Select the first matching item, the HellooWorld class and click the Ok.

  • OR you can also define configuration manually and run it. Just mention the project and class name.

  • That's it. You can see the output Hello World in output console.

That's all guys! If you face any problem while running the program please mention in the comments section below. Thank you.

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