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"Hello World" with Scala IDE

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

In this Apache Spark Scala tutorial you will learn how to create,

  • "Hello World" Scala application with Eclipse Scala IDE.

  • Scala application, project, package, objects, run configuration and debug the application.

Motive is to get you guys familiar with Scala IDE.


I assume that you have already installed Eclipse Scala IDE, if not please refer my previous post for installation (Windows | Mac users).

Now, open Eclipse Scala IDE.

1. Create a new Scala project "hellooWorld"

  • Go to File → New → Project and enter hellooWorld in project name field and click finish.


2. Create a new Scala Package "hellooWorld"

  • Right click on the hellooWorld project in the Package Explorer panel → NewPackage and enter name hellooWorld and finish.


3. Create a Scala object "hello":

  • Expand the hellooWorld project tree and right click on the hellooWorld package → NewScala Object → enter hello in the Object name field and press finish.