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Step-by-Step Guide for Filing I-765 Online for EAD

Updated: Feb 7

After college, I was very excited to begin work and gain some work experience in the US. However, I soon realized that I needed to apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card to work in the US. This is when I first encountered the I-765 form online.

I thought filling out the I-765 form online would be hard because I'd never done it before. But honestly, it's quite simple. Just know that not all visa categories can use the online I-765 filing. I'm sharing my experience based on an F1 visa.

When I searched online to find out who could use the I-765 form online, the search results were confusing. The information kept saying all categories were eligible for online filing, and it mainly showed the process for mailing the I-765 form. This led me to write this article specifically about the I-765 online process.

Thank you Dataneb team for publishing this content.

Table of Contents: I-765 Online

Who can File I-765 Online?

Only the following I-765 categories are eligible to apply for an EAD through the online process, and you will also see this list when you begin filling out the I-765 application online.

  1. (a)(12) – Temporary Protected Status (You are submitting an initial Form I-821 or you have an approved Form I-821);

  2. (c)(3)(A) – F-1 student, pre-completion OPT;

  3. (c)(3)(B) – F-1 student, post-completion OPT;

  4. (c)(3)(C) – F-1 student, 24-month extension for STEM students (students holding a degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics);

  5. (c)(8) – Applicants for Asylum under the ABC Settlement Agreement;

  6. (c)(8) – Application for Employment Authorization Based on Pending Form I-589, Application for Asylum or for Withholding of Removal;

  7. (c)(11) – Parole;

  8. (c)(19) – Temporary Protected Status (You have a pending Form I-821); or

  9. (c)(33) – Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) (You must have a pending or approved Form I-821D to file Form I-765).

I-765 online

USCIS may add new categories in the future for those who can file online. Refer to this USCIS link for the latest information. Note that the following I-765 categories are not eligible for filing I-765 online as of Feb 2024. However, they can file on paper.

How to File I-765 Online?

These are the high-level steps you need to follow to file the I-765 form online. After creating an online account on USCIS and selecting the I-765 form, the USCIS website will automatically guide you through each step in detail.

I-765 Online Application

  • Create an account with USCIS by visiting myUSCIS > My Account > File a form online. From the drop-down menu, select form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.

  • The online I-765 form is no different from the physical form. It asks you for the same set of information. However, you can save your progress and resume it anytime. The online form is saved for 30 days.

  • Do not submit duplicate applications i.e. one via physical mail and another online, in this case, your application might get denied.

  • Complete the form and hit the button "Review and submit".

  • After you submit your I-765 online application, you can track your case online with the case number generated.

  • Respond to RFE (Request for Further Evidence, if any): You can do this online by submitting the necessary documents. No need to send it via physical mail.

  • Receive your final decision from USCIS.