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L2S Visa Work Authorization for L Spouses - No EAD Needed If L2S on I-94

Updated: Sep 24

L2S Visa and Work Authorization: USCIS has updated the work authorization policy for L spouses (those with L2S on their I-94 form). L2S visa holders can now use their nonimmigrant status as evidence of employment authorization, eliminating the need for a separate EAD card. The L2S class admission code on their I-94 document serves as proof of employment authorization.

Reference: USCIS guidance for L and E spouses: An unexpired Form I-94 reflecting one of these new codes: E-1S, E-2S, E-3S, and L-2S is acceptable as evidence of employment authorization for spouses under List C of Form I-9.

L2s Work Authorization

Table of Contents: L2S Visa and Work Authorization

L2S Visa

Meaning: L2S is the COA (Class of Admission) category code mentioned on the I-94 document for L spouses. It's important to note that the L2 visa stamp - the class still remains the same as "L2". It is only on the I-94 form that you will notice the new class of admission code L2S.

Class of Admission L2S

In Jan 2022, USCIS and CBP started issuing I-94 forms with the new class of action codes for E & L spouses. A few of these codes are E-1S, E-2S, E-3S, and L-2S. So if you are a spouse of an L-1 visa holder, you will notice the Class of Admission type as L2S on the I-94 form.

Can L2 work without EAD?

Yes, L2 visa holders with an L2S class of admission on their I-94 are automatically authorized to work without needing an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). L2S visas don't require EAD.

L2S Visa I-94

This is a sample I-94 form with the latest travel of 2023 where you will see Class of Admission as L2S. If you are a spouse of an L-1 visa holder, you will notice the same on your I-94 form if you have traveled after Jan 2022. On older I-94 forms you will still notice the L2 class of admission code.

L2S Visa I-94

FAQs on L2S visa

Can an L2 visa holder work in the USA?

Yes, an L2 visa holder can work in the USA and can use their latest class of admission L2S from I-94 as proof of employment authorization.

How to apply for EAD for L2?

There is no requirement to apply for L2 EAD if you have the "L2S" category on the I-94 form. If not, you can file form I-765 with USCIS (old process). It's convenient to get I-94 updated, instead of applying for EAD which is a more time-consuming process.

Does an L2 visa require sponsorship?

No, L2 visa holders do not require any sponsorship. You can work anywhere as a full-time employee without the need for sponsorship.

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