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J1 Visa Program USA: The Ultimate Guide

j1 visa usa

This J1 visa guide provides valuable information for postdocs participating in the J1 visa program in the USA. It covers most of the J1 visa program details, including rules & requirements, J1 application steps, finding internship/postdoc positions, getting a J2 EAD for dependents, getting a J1 visa waiver, switching from a J1 to an H1B, moving from a J1 visa to Green Card, renewing your passport in the US, or obtaining OCI card for your child, etc.

Hello, I am Hina Singh!

If you are a J1 visa holder, please bookmark this page. I am confident that my own visa and immigration experience will be helpful to you. Note that I am not a lawyer, but I have navigated through all these steps, either directly or indirectly, and I'm here to support you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to help. However, please be aware that my advice should not be considered legal advice. If you have legal matters, it is recommended to hire an attorney.

These blogs are arranged in a specific order to ensure you don't miss anything. Simply read them in the sequence they are listed, you'll also find a 'Next' link at the end of each blog.

Additionally, if you know someone aspiring to come to the US as a J1 student, feel free to share this page. I'm confident that these blogs will prove helpful to them.

Table of Contents: J1 Visa Program USA

J1 Visa USA

J1 Visa Waiver

J1 Visa to H1B

Green Card


Passport & OCI Card

B1/B2 Visa for Parents

H1B Visa


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4 comentários

19 de mar.

Hi Hina,

I was on J1 for 5 years and came back to India after 5 years in 2022. Now, I wanted to go to US again. I am applying for postdoc positions but have not got any positive response till now. Please suggest some tips for positive selection. Also, I am not sure if anyone can again hire me on J1 or not. Please comment on this also.

Thanks in advance.

Hina Singh
Hina Singh
19 de mar.
Respondendo a

Hi, please try leveraging your network to find positions and apply directly through the university website. These typically have better chances of success. Some universities consider only fresh postdoc candidates, so it's worth even exploring scientist positions which align with your level of seniority. Yes, If you have completed a 2-year home residency or obtained a waiver, you can get J1 visa again. Thanks.


Membro desconhecido
31 de mai. de 2023

Hi Hina, thank you for sharing all information about J1 waiver process .I have done J1 1 and 2 stage. I sent all my documents to st. Louise but I forgot to $120 fee what should I do next . I sent all papers yesterday. could I send all papers again. please reply . Please help me

Hina Singh
Hina Singh
10 de jun. de 2023
Respondendo a

Hello sorry for the late response, according to me, yes you should send all the documents again including the cashier's check of $120. I don't see any harm if you send all documents again, but definitely, contact DOS (by email: to update them regarding this. Usually, they respond in a few days. Thanks


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