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J1 Visa Waiver Application Process - Stage 2 (India)

Updated: Apr 14

J1 Waiver India Process - As we begin Stage 2 of the J1 visa waiver application process, I assume you've already read my previous blog on J1 visa waiver (Stage 1) and received the cover letter specifying the Indian offices where you need to obtain the clearance certificates.

I am Hina Singh, a post-doctoral research scientist and I have completed the J1 visa waiver process. I am sharing my experience to assist others in obtaining a J1 visa waiver more easily. I had to refer to multiple blogs and videos, which was time-consuming. Therefore, I have divided the entire J1 visa waiver process into four sections.

Table of Contents: J1 Waiver India Process

J1 Visa Waiver - Stage 2

The cover letter you obtained in Stage 1 would state that the NORI certificate will be issued after you obtain clearance from the following authorities.

  1. Regional passport office (RPO): This refers to the office where your initial passport was issued.

  2. The Ministry of Human Resource and Development, New Delhi (MHRD): This is an online process, please follow this link to upload all the required documents and complete the process.

  3. Department of Home State in India: The state where you belong (refer to the address indicated on your passport).

NORI Certificate from Passport Office

These days, some consulates do not require RPO clearance and your cover letter should mention this. In my case, it was not required. Please ensure that this is the case with your consulate. I have also compiled a list of all Indian consulates and their details, which can be helpful. You can refer to this link.


The MHRD NORI process is straightforward. Just follow this link and create your login ID, upload all the necessary documents, and the NORI site will guide you through.

After you submit everything, it will take approximately 3-6 weeks to receive the clearance certificate. The certificate will be sent to you via email, so please make sure to provide the correct email address.

Please remember that they process applications in batches, typically with 1-20 people in each batch, so it may take some time. You can always check your NORI application status by logging in to the same website.

NORI Stage 2 Documents

The Department of Home State refers to your current residence in India. In my case, it was Uttar Pradesh, and this step can be quite tedious.

The document list might vary depending on the Home Department of the State, but in general, it should remain the same. So, please ensure you have all your supporting documents ready.

  1. Cover letter (i.e., a brief letter explaining why I am sending these documents; you can find it here)

  2. Attested statement and affidavit (bio-data and affidavit)

  3. Self-attested copies of passport and visa

  4. Self-attested copies of certificates (Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc., and High School)

  5. DS-2019

  6. Resume

You can either mail your documents to the secretariat of your home department or visit there in person. If you have family relatives or parents available, you can ask them to submit your documents on your behalf.

It may take some time because you need to locate the person responsible for the NORI department, as the secretariat office has multiple departments. I recommend visiting the office in person or asking someone to go on your behalf.

Once your documents are accepted by the secretariat, the administration will forward them for police verification and District Magistrate (DM) office clearance.

A police inquiry will be conducted to verify your address and documents. They may visit your home address, contact the phone number you provided in your bio-data/affidavit, or ask your parents to visit the police station. In my case, my dad received the call and went to the police station.

Your parents will need to submit an affidavit on your behalf, confirming that you have no outstanding loans or criminal activities and that they have no objections to your stay in the US. They should also provide other necessary documents, such as ID proof, as guided by the police. The specific requirements may vary depending on the state.

A separate file will be sent to your respective District Magistrate (DM) for their signature, which they should then send back to the secretariat office. Please follow up with both the police office and the DM office. It took me 3-4 months to complete this clearance process end-to-end, and it was slower due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Once the secretariat receives no objection from DM and Police then they will e-mail you your clearance certificate and simultaneously post it to the Indian government, New Delhi.

The Indian government will send one physical copy of the certificate to your physical address in the US and another copy to the Indian consulate office in the US. Receiving a physical copy might take 1-2 months, so be patient.

If you don't receive the physical copy, contact your consulate in the USA via email to inquire if the emailed copy will suffice. A friend of mine faced the same issue (never receiving a physical copy), and CGI-SF confirmed that an email scan copy would also be accepted.

Please follow up at this step regularly; otherwise, the process may become significantly slower, or your case might be forgotten. If possible, obtain a contact number from the NORI office to stay updated. In my case, a gentleman at the secretariat office kindly provided his number and guided me through the process.

Sample NORI Certificate (Home State)

Download JPG • 70KB

Please message me in the comment section if you have any queries. I will try to answer your question.

Regional Passport Offices Addresses (India)

I tried to find addresses for Passport Offices from different states by looking at other websites because many people asked for them. I haven't used these addresses myself so they might be wrong. Please let me know in the comments if you find any mistakes, and I'll fix them. Thanks for helping others in advance.

Note: For the RPO links provided below, Click the reference link > Go to Contact Us > Passport > Regional Passport Officer and you will find all the information (including RPO contact details like phone and email addresses).

Regional Passport Office in Andhra Pradesh

Regional Passport Officer

Near P.F. Office, Beside Rythu Bazar,

Marripalem VUDA Lay out, NAD Post,

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh-530009

Reference: Link

Regional Passport Office in Haryana

Regional Passport Officer

SCO 28-32, Sector 34-A


Reference: Link

Regional Passport Office in Maharashtra

Videsh Bhavan, Bandra Kurla Complex,

Plot No C-45,G Block, Bandra (East),


Reference: Link

Regional Passport Office in Madhya Pradesh

Regional Passport Office,

Ministry of External Affairs.

Arera Hills, Bhopal (M.P.)-462011

Reference: Link

Regional Passport Office in Rajasthan

J-14, Jhalana Institutional Area,

Jhalana Doongri, Jaipur,


Reference: Link

Regional Passport Office in West Bengal

4 Brabourne Road, 1st floor,

Kolkata, West Bengal-700001

Reference: Link

Regional Passport Office in Karnataka

8th Block, 80 Feet Road,

Koramangala, Bengaluru,


Reference: Link

Regional Passport Office in Kerala

Eranhipalam Post,



Reference: Link

Regional Passport Office in Gujarat

Regional Passport Office

Opp: L.D. Engg College Hostel

University Road, Gulbai Tekra

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

India - 380 006

Reference: Link

Note: If you don't find your city above, please visit this link and select your city > Contact Us > Passport > Regional Passport Officer, for example:

Regional passport office India

Home Department Addresses (India)

Same for Home Department addresses, I haven't used these addresses myself, so they might be wrong. Please double-check before sending your documents. If you find any mistakes, please let me know in the comments, and I'll fix them. Thanks for helping others in advance.

Home Department in Delhi

Secretary, Home

Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi,

5th Level, 'C' Wing,

Delhi Secretariat, I.P. Estate,

New Delhi- 110002

Home Department in Andhra Pradesh

The Deputy Secretary

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Home Department

III Floor, Secretariat, Hyderabad - 500022

Reference: Link

Home Department Office in Haryana

The Secretary to Government

Home Department

Haryana Civil Secretariat

Chandigarh - 160001, Haryana, India

Reference: Link

Home Department in Maharashtra

Principal Secretary - (Special) Home Department

9th Floor, New Administrative Building

Opp. Mantralaya

Mumbai - 400032, Maharashtra, India

Reference: Link

Home Department in Tamil Nadu

The Secretary

Home (Citz II) Department

Government of Tamil Nadu

Secretariat, Fort St. George

Chennai - 600009, Tamilnadu, India

Reference: Link

Home Department in Madhya Pradesh

The Principal Secretary to Government

Department of Home

Govt of Madhya Pradesh

Vallabh Bhawan

Bhopal - 462004, Madhya Pradesh, India

Reference: Link

Home Department in Jharkhand

Secretary to the Government

Department of Home

Project Bhavan, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Reference: Link

Home Department in Rajasthan

The Principal Secretary to Government

Department of Home

Govt. of Rajasthan


Jaipur - 302005, Rajasthan, India

Home Department in West Bengal

The Principal Secretary

Home Department, Foreigners Branch,

Government of West Bengal

Writers Building

Kolkata 700 001, West Bengal, INDIA

Home Department in Uttar Pradesh

Under Secretary

Home (Visa) Section-4

7th Floor, Room No. 703

C-Block, Lok Bhawan

Lucknow, UP - 226001

FAQs: J1 Waiver India Process

What is the NORI certificate?

A No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) Certificate is required by a person who has been in the USA on a J-1 visa and has applied to the Embassy/Consulate General of India (CGI) to waive the condition of two years' physical presence in India after the visa period ends. Before issuing the waiver, the Embassy/CGI requests the J-1 visa holder to obtain NORI from the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Which RPO (Regional Passport Office) should I reach out to for a J1 waiver?

According to CGI-SF, you need to reach out to the Regional Passport Office/ Passport Issuing authority from where the applicant has been issued the Passport.

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Hi Hina,

Thanks a lot for this blog and quite a discussion for understanding different stages of the application. I just have a confusion regarding an address discrepancy between my passport address and the next-of-kin address where my parents and brother live now. No one lives anymore at the passport address. And I do not have any address proof on my name indicating my family's current residence as my address proof.

So, should I have to put my passport address as my parmanent address and parent's address as next-of-kin? Is it possible to put in-laws address as next-of-kin? If you can please guide about where the police verification will be?

Replying to

Thank you for your response!


Apr 15

I am following your blog not for only waiver but other things also i.e. passport renewal. And you are doing awesome work by helping a lot of people in our field. I Have a simple question, I will try to ask in short as i can see you have lot of questions lined up:

My permanent address on my passport is Delhi,we have our own house there,My all documents has that particular address . I currently renewed my passport from houston .

One option is in NORI form is “Name and address of Next kin in india” -“ My father “ but he lives in Uttar pradesh and have residency’s there

Will it complicate my J1 stage 2 process. ?

Replying to

Hi Shoyab, If your initial passport has a Delhi address, then most likely you'll need to obtain NOC from Delhi. If you don't have any contacts there, you can use the address of any family member residing in Delhi. If you don't have any relative or family member, provide address of your father, but you might still need to obtain the NOC from Delhi. In such a situation, either you or a friend can make a trip to Delhi, or you can explore the possibility of obtaining the NOC through the mailing process. Thanks.


Hey dear I am done with my stage first now i want to send docs to India and upload on web but nori web not opening on my mob/laptop can you guide me

Beon Zee
Beon Zee
Apr 08
Replying to

Hey dear I am done with stage first and I want to send documents to India but I facing issues this link is opening on my mob/laptop can you guide me

Thanks in advay


Hi Hina, this is the most comprehensive blog I have read so far- thank you so much. I have a doubt. My current passport was issued by Hyderabad RPO and my address in the passport is a Hyderabad government quarter address (I was in Hyderabad for 7 years to do my PhD). My permanent home address is in Kolkata, West Bengal (parent live there) and I have no connections with Hyderabad now. My first passport (expired) was issued in Kolkata. Do you think (1) Department of Home State in India should be west bengal irrespective of the address in passport? (2) RPO should be Hyderabad? Thank you!



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